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Recent Posts

  • Tips for Developing a Safety Culture
      Safety should be a top concern for every employer. It is even more important for companies with employees who work around heavy machinery. As part of your company’s dedication to safety, you should work towards creating a safety culture. These are the four key ways you can develop your own safety culture, so all […]
    Michael - May 31, 2017
  • Smart Budgeting for the Startup Contractor
    The list of reasons why contractors fail in business is endless, but right at the top of that list would be a whole slew of issues relating to finances. It often spells disaster for contractors when they can’t recognize what their real costs of doing business are, and they fail to charge an appropriate price […]
    Michael - May 23, 2017
  • Safety Investment Means More Profit for Contractors
    While it may seem counter-intuitive, spending more money on certain things can actually bring you greater profits as a contractor in business. A prime example of this is having a larger investment in safety techniques, tools, and practices on the job, and in training employees about being safety-conscious in the performance of their duties. According […]
    Michael - May 18, 2017
  • Ways Contractors Can Protect and Build Their Brand Reputation
    With so many contractors in business these days, there is often not much to distinguish one from another, and that makes your brand reputation one of the single most important business features which can recommend you as a contractor. That makes it essential that you establish a good reputation, and that you create a brand name which is […]
    Michael - May 3, 2017
  • 10 Important Tips for Growing a Long-Lasting Contractor Business
    Independent contractors are the lifeblood of the construction industry, and without them it would be difficult to have either major projects or smaller ones get completed on time and on budget. They usually have a special focus in the building business, and that means they’re the best qualified to get the job done right and […]
    Michael - April 26, 2017