General Contractors…

In today’s world it is extremely important for General Contractors to know who they are hiring as subcontractors.

General Contractors deal with a multitude of responsibilities from Insurance to Safety & compliance, and managing a profitable business is no easy task. You cannot afford to take on the risk of hiring a contractor that is not licensed, insured or properly verified.

Verifying contractor compliance is one of the most disregarded items that many General contractors don’t have the time or staff to handle. But it only takes one major loss to put you out of business. For example, hiring a contractor with a lapse in their liability policy while they’re performing work for you as a subcontractor.

If a sub were to have an auto accident during the course of work and they didn’t have a commercial auto policy with adequate limits. Or worse, if one of their employees were to sustain an injury. Situations like this are always unexpected and could be an expensive setback.

As a general contractor your priority should be to hire compliant contractors which in turn helps reduce potential business risk to you. Fortunately Directory for Contractors offers a list of verified contractors that have completed and passed a thorough screening process.

Our Background Screening And Monitoring Service Includes…

Contractor Profile: Contractors can access their listing 24/7 to update their contact info, services offered, service areas and more.

Insurance Certificate Management: Current and up to date information. Contractors are notified immediately when there are gaps in coverage.

Background Screening: National, state and county government watch lists, criminal files, thousands of sex offender and criminal records including high profile databases such as OFAC, Money Laundering Database, Terrorist Watch List and FBI Most Wanted. We ensure compliance with Federal Laws tied to the 2001 Patriot Act, The Money Laundering Act and Executive Order 13224.

Monitoring Service: A comprehensive background check, including verification of business status, potential fraudulent activity, possible criminal actions and insurance verification.

We screen each owner in the business and allow only those businesses that pass the comprehensive screening process to have a listing in our directory. So, you’ll have one less thing to worry about when you’re ready to hire your next contractor…

We provide a W-9 form for each contractor to provide proof for tax purposes. Our annually renewing process is tracked continuously throughout the year for General Liability. Worker Comp. and Commercial Auto. Our contractors background screening and monitoring service is built on a user friendly interactive platform enabling you to make better, easier and faster hiring decisions. Consider us an extension of your compliance team.

The system immediately alerts us when a contractor’s policy has a change in coverage, is cancelling or expiring. If the event is unsolved the contractor will be deemed to be out of compliance and their listing will be made inactive.