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Listing Guaranteed
Appear in most possible local searches with guaranteed presence.

PowerListings ensures your business is listed with the correct information on all of the major search engines. Our team updates listing details including critical fields like name, address, phone number, and categories across the network of search engines on a regularly scheduled basis.

Stand Out and Look Great with a Featured Message
Promote your business with targeted messages.

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Expansive Network
Show up in more search results than ever before.

With more than 2/3 of searches happening through Google, being listed with Google Places should be a top priority. Our expansive network includes over 55 search engines including Google Places, maps and apps where users might be searching for your business. Make sure your listings stand out so that you can turn prospective clients into satisfied customers.

Tracking and Reporting
See the effectiveness of your online presence.

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Automatically Manage & Remove Duplicate Listings With Duplicate Suppression

Avoid Unnecessary Confusion for Search Engines and for Customers

Duplicate records of your business information that appear in the search ecosystem cost your business time, money, and SEO benefit. Deactivate duplicate listings from the network, so only the listings you want are public.

Just a few of the Sites Your Company Will be Seen On



With news, reviews, ratings, driving directions, and interactive maps, the multi-faceted Yahoo! assists over 150 million people in finding local businesses and services.


27 million drivers trust MapQuest to get them where they’re headed. Up your presence with MapQuest and tailor your content to stand out from the competition.


Contractor Estimating Program

Regional Specific Construction/Home Improvement Pricing Database.

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  • Estimate your way (unit price, time
    and material, lump sum)
  • Built in cost calculator
  • Change your estimate line items by any
  • Edit from anywhere
  • Designed for small to medium contractors
  • Revise with a click

Our Members Receive a 20% Discount

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Key Features

Web Based
There is no such thing as an outdated or unsupported version of Brizzo. At no additional charge you will see enhancements to Brizzo and all your past estimates will still function as they should.

Web Based also means instant communication with your customer. No more wasting time on the phone. Click “send” and the estimate immediately arrives on their device. They can approve it with a click or ask questions, then send it back to you.

The Price
Responding quickly and looking professional and current has never been more affordable. Brizzo gives you the ability to get your estimate in first, even when others looked at the job a day or two earlier. Customers associate a quick accurate estimate with quick through work. Differentiating yourself with Brizzo will land more jobs thereby making an already affordable product dirt cheap.

Optional Area
Ever have a customer that just isn’t sure of what they want? Brizzo helps solve this dilemma. Below the estimate is an Optional Area. Maybe they are not sure if they want granite or laminate counter tops? You could put granite in the main body of the estimate and laminate in the optional. Optional items do not add into the total but with a click you can switch out a main body item with an optional and instantly get an updated total.

Photos or Images
You can add photos to any line item on your estimate. Show your customer how bad the damage is or the product you are recommending right on the estimate. As they say “A picture is worth a thousand words”

With a click, you can generate an invoice leaving no chance of completing work that never makes it to the invoice.

They allow you to store all the line items you would typically use for say a bathroom remodel. Drop it into any estimate, make any modifications you need to. You won’t “miss” items in your estimate because you will have all the items you normally charge for in your template. You can create as many templates as you like. Your next upstairs remodel estimate might be as easy as dropping in your bedroom template twice and your bathroom template once. Three point and clicks (Sha-Zam).

Large Regional Data Base
You can get Brizzo with or without regional pricing data. Simply start typing the item you need or drop in a template and the current price for your region is there. You can always change the price.

You are going to love Brizzo, and we will prove it.

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If you hate making changes and think your current way of estimating is good enough, you will be glad you tried our free trial. The learning curve is virtually nothing and you will soon see how inefficient and inadequate your current method of estimating is in comparison. Within minutes you will discover how easy Brizzo is to navigate. You might be tempted to skip the short training videos, but don’t, they will have you maximizing your experience and each is only a couple of minutes. Immediately you will see that this is a very professional estimating platform that is perfect for most remodeling or rehabbing contractors.